enfoca is a Singapore-based independent arts and photographic boutique that offers the talent, skills and creative experience of some of Asia's most highly regarded photographers. Our committed photographic team includes Ken Seet, Teo Chai Guan & Ching Lee - technically accomplished artisans dedicated to the art of creating stunning photographic imagery for advertising campaigns, editorials and corporate communications worldwide. Their work has spanned Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

In addition to representation, enfoca also offers our clients complete production services and support including talent casting, location scouting, wardrobe styling, hair and make-up, prop making, set design, travel arrangement, digital image retouching and logistical management for local and international campaigns to ensure we deliver a streamlined, fully coordinated professional service.

Leading enfoca's first-rate production and support service is founder and executive producer Samantha Seow. With over 15 years experience producing for international ad agencies and premier stock image agencies in the Asia Pacific, America and Europe, Samantha is a highly respected production specialist who brings her extensive knowledge, passion and expertise to every facet of the production process to deliver the best service to the client and smoothest creative experience for the production team.